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2 hours ago, JAG E SV3NSK said:

bad vid<3



2 hours ago, Skyz said:





2 hours ago, k0ntv0cht said:

Good brother

brother mike


2 hours ago, Tupac said:

Better than most ngl

than all


2 hours ago, JBLIND said:

Absolutely fucking à̸͝w̢͡f̷̶̡́͘ù̷̡̕ĺ̕͜͞ amazing

thx punk


2 hours ago, jdrc01 said:

nice work my nigga

my nigga jd


2 hours ago, Gied4life said:

very nice vid

ty giedrius nothing makes me happier than your comments


2 hours ago, l DONT NOW said:




2 hours ago, Tesfxye said:

Genuinely worse than I though, not flamebaiting so don’t reply 

Scrawny punching bag bullied off this game 


2 hours ago, Dab mi said:

Yeah no I'm never fighting you again, 30-78 lolza

had to hit something eventually after not being able to hit anything for the last month


2 hours ago, PuLL ThE PiN said:

quick ting init



1 hour ago, Hatcx said:


wow thx hatch


1 hour ago, Jade Lens said:

Nice kills bro 

Why negative?

ty and he hasn't been the nicest guy since his kik gf got stolen

36 minutes ago, Matt said:

Rng Gmaul noob 


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20 hours ago, seers10 said:

nice video 



19 hours ago, sophia said:

Nice video brother

Ty pure


19 hours ago, Umut said:

got the same cursor hehe nice vid btw



18 hours ago, Why Gg said:




18 hours ago, genj said:


- points for not switching to full dragon when speccing at 0:55 :D 



13 hours ago, Khalil said:

Nice vid and music :D

1 of my fav parts (take notes @seers10)



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