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Some PK

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14 hours ago, seers10 said:

nice video

ign: oso 2real

ty bro 

14 hours ago, Ban152 said:

strong as fuck, keep it up !

will do Ban!!

14 hours ago, Creepy Clown said:


IG: Tailor 

no you're un-teachable 

14 hours ago, God Dildo said:

lol nice video ok i guess lol ?

erm smd? kys lol? maybe lol? ... 

14 hours ago, jdrc01 said:

sick vid bro

ty Jims

13 hours ago, l DONT NOW said:


IGN: Erca

Do this on YT and TY

13 hours ago, k0ntv0cht said:

I should flame u but im a nice guy now.

Nice vid

u know my ing

downy and TY

13 hours ago, Umut said:

My nigga is still going on! ;)

hell yea

13 hours ago, pkmafia8 said:

keytracker ign


13 hours ago, Its Gorillas said:

Ign: realrenegade


13 hours ago, Smackd said:

6 Mins - Jblind

Nice vid jeremy

Thx Gertrude 

12 hours ago, I HATE IT said:

ign i hate it ;D

ok?.. YT...

12 hours ago, Tupac said:

yo kid I left coment I win okq


9 hours ago, Hatcx said:

Nice Video brother I win dragon claws yes


9 hours ago, Yoeriwada said:

Big vid from jblind here

yup it be me

9 hours ago, Tesfxye said:

I think he means to comment your ign on YouTube nates...

nice vidro jblind


5 hours ago, Craig said:

Woaaaa jbland pkr ?!!

yh wbu? hhhhh

4 hours ago, Hyb My Ass said:

helo :D rly nic video is ubcribe my name hyb my ass claw plz :D


4 hours ago, hybrid91 said:


ign xd44

ty, yt...

1 hour ago, l DONT NOW said:

Give it to me and I give you PK vids, good ones.

noty you twitch out 

1 hour ago, Gied4life said:

omg so nice videos

omgs gieds thanks ! 

1 hour ago, Aqeelxo said:

Lol your AGS is so reliable, nice video. IGN - straight678

not always xD 

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20 hours ago, JBLIND said:

Giving away a pair of Dragon Clows, sub like and comment ign :D 

de0a0d8b6496009ba88d40284ccfafb9.png omg you are amazyng bro, jsut keep going like this !


Ing Mesmerize


already subbed

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Op prod lol :D I need dem claws, you've made me to create forum acc to win claws... but aight


Ingame 1Play4No1.

Edited by 1Play4No1
forgot to write username ingame

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