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Roat Pkz Updates - New Website - In-Game Sounds - Wilderness Key!

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Roat Pkz Updates!
Hey everyone, it's been awhile since the last update post but a lot has been happening. A few of these updates have been in-game for almost a month but I never made a topic about them, sorry for the lack of content for the past 3 weeks, been working hard on our new RoatPkz.com website!



New https://roatpkz.com/ website!
I've been working hard for the past 2 months on getting a new website together, a lot of content has been delayed because of it, but it should help us bring more players to play long-term, Roat Pkz used to arguably have one of the worst websites of any RSPS but I think we now have the best one. Be sure to check it all out and let me know what you think, you can view it here!
We are working on getting a forum theme to match with the website!



New Wilderness Key!
The wilderness key was added a few weeks back, it's a very fun and challenging event and is best played with a clan by your side.

How it works:
1. Every 2 hours or so a Wilderness key spawns in a random location and a 5 minute timer starts.
2. Everyone has 5 minutes to get to the key location.
3. Once the 5 minutes are up, anyone can pick up the key, once you pick it up
 you get teleblocked for 5 minutes and your run drains to ZERO.
4. Run to the Safe Zone with the key or tank out the teleblock to win it!

When does the event run run?
It runs at 0:30, 3:00, 5:30, 8:00, 10:30, 13:00, 15:30, 17:00, 19:30, 21:00, 22:30, 23:30.

Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 16.18.23.png
You can also see when the next key spawn is in the quest tab.

What are the rewards?
The rewards range from an Armadyl Godsword to Dragon Claws, average reward is 10,000 PKP.



Weapon & Sound Effects!
A much requested feature has now been added in-game! You can now enable sounds in the settings tab. We currently have sounds for all weapons + special attacks + magic spells. We are still working on bringing you 100% PVM Sounds. (Believe me, a lot of work went into getting them working and finding the sounds for each weapon & attack style)


Guthix Rest Added!
If you enjoy dharoking, you're going to like Guthix Rest, it's a tea that has 4 doses, each dose cures your venom and heals you by 5 hitpoints and 5 run energy. It also removes 1 damage of poison if you're poisoned. It can be found for free in the Food Shop at ::shops.

MODICONS 25.png Ban152 has been promoted back to Moderator!

Other Misc Updates!
- Flower Poker only costs 1  Seed instead of the usual 5 (::cw).
- Freeze timers in the Duel Arena have been fixed.
- Castle Wars game time has been reduced to 10 minutes.
- Level difference now matters during HP Events.


:) Thanks and more to come :) 

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Good updates on 2019 ! And nice to see Ban back to mod again gratz my brother you put alot of nice work on the server man.

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26 minutes ago, Umut said:

Gzzz also good updates!

tyty !

25 minutes ago, A team said:

The site is sickening! Welcome back @Ban152

thank you !

17 minutes ago, Sandal said:

@Ban152 Congratz my friend :)


Keep it up Gretar!

thank you !

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Guthix Rest will be nice. Good work on the site makes it look a lot better to new players and is a clean transition, not hard to figure it out.

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Great job on the new website. Definitely the best one out there. 

2 hours ago, Bailey Jay said:

What you mean combat level matters? Like you can’t attack the 126 hp event dude if you’re level 90? 

You can, if the event is being hosted in 36 wildy.

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