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Roat Pkz Updates (12/06/18) - ::Prices in-game - New Duel & Tournament Spectate - New Tournament Pre-sets & more!

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Just now, Persona said:

make pre made kits compulsory, all problems sorted

make it not a spawn server anymore? well its pretty much turning into an eco server with all these items becoming pkp///://///

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1 hour ago, Smoothie said:

Ok i gotta check my sand casino history

Post on forums 

Same for you @Legend™

OT: Nice updates broski

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Really nice interface and I appreciate the work but those are store prices not market prices (as in player trades), eg. AGS is showing 5k when it's like 4 - 4.5k though?

I notice that ::prices doesn't load up the forum price guide anymore, could have put a button on the interface to link to it because it's more accurate, or use those prices for the new price interface.

Anyway, on a related point, I suggest just add a trading post/grand exchange because it makes buying/selling easier and you can PK at same time, players can use it as a price guide too because they can see what items are selling for.

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