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37 minutes ago, goat said:

If anyone has nice sister please upvote asking for a friend


( @goat )

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omg she had 5 days and 15 hours and 16 minutes left, phew

oh wait i dont have a sister

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22 hours ago, Gied4life said:

Help me stepbrother im stuck and i cant get out. Fruitiest banned me. 

like this post for unban


On 2/25/2021 at 11:57 PM, PROFFESER19 said:

Frick? I think you mean cricket bro. Go play with your Pakistani friends a5e maybe I tune in

im korean idk what that means

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4 minutes ago, Fruitiest said:

Sounds gay

i fought my way out of a cow, arguably the most alpha feat of human strength

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